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Obamacare vs. Healthcare Sharing Plan Comparison


Obamacare/ACA CA Health Insurance 

  • No restrictions based on pre-existing conditions. Guaranteed approval

  • Unlimited lifetime coverage 

  • You can get help paying for your monthly health insurance premium through a federal tax credit/subsidy if you make less than 400%FPL

  • There additional tax benefits such HSA accounts and tax deductible premiums

Healthcare Sharing Ministries

  • The monthly cost is typically less expensive if you do not get a subsidy

  • Lower annual costs and up front out of pocket medical expense

  • Families can share their medical costs by being members of the healthcare sharing plan

  • Avoid the ACA tax penalty for not having health insurance


Obamacare/ACA CA Health Insurance

  • Monthly premiums can be expensive and experience high rate increase annually

  • Some of the plan networks may be narrow

  • Plans vary by state 

Healthcare Sharing Ministries

  • Lifetime or annual caps on coverage

  • You can’t use a HSA

  • You need good health to qualify

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