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How Much Does California Small Group Health Insurance Cost?
How can you control your small business health insurance costs and provide your employees more choice and benefits?
1.  Not all employees or employers all want the same benefits in a health insurance plan, especially when there are lots of choices in the health insurance marketplace to choose from.  Some may want to have an HMO plan vs a PPO plan.  Some may want a health insurance plan that covers more benefits and will cost more vs some who want a plan that will cover some basic needs like preventive care and cost a lot less.  The good news is that we can show you how you can not only offer choice to your employees but also for yourself and at the same time control your costs.
2.  You can help your employees save money on their portion of the health insurance premium by offering an pre-tax premium payment payroll deduction OR tax deductible medical expenses, also known as an HSA.
3.  If you are a California small business in the Sacramento region, you may be able to offer a very low priced plan from Blue Shield with quality doctors and hospitals in the network.  This plan is called the Blue Shield Accountable Care Organization Plan (ACO), Trio.  
Our Certified Insurance Agents can help design a benefits plan to meet your needs as an employer with cost and quality control while meeting the needs of your employees.  
Call us to today for a no obligation consultation at 1-866-486-6551.
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