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Choosing the best Sacramento area insurance broker for you!


Everyone’s least favorite subject


Ready to talk about your health plan?  If you’re in the Sacramento area and have a local  question we can help.


Lets face it, nobody really wants to talk much about health insurance.  It’s as fun as doing your tax return!  We are here to make it simple for you.  Your health plan renewal packet arrives in the mail and you set it aside until the last possible moment, even if you know you probably need to make a change.  


If your rate increase isn’t too horrible, you probably just keep renewing on the same plan because it’s gotten you this far and you don’t want to read the huge packet.  The simplest path to renew your coverage is to keep writing those premium checks… but at what cost!!


Does anyone actually know what the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is?  For any of you who don’t have the income matching the eligibility bracket in Obamacare plans, all that’s happened is your premium rates have skyrocketed since 2013.  


CA Health Insurance Rate increase horrible this year?


If your annual rate increase is really bad, which we have seen quite a bit of lately, it’s time to shop the insurance market for a better deal.  After a few clicks here and there and a glance through your insurance carrier packet you get quickly overwhelmed.  The terms are complex and unfamiliar.  The prices are astronomical!  You can’t tell what you are getting in coverage, what doctors and hospitals you have access to, what prescriptions are covered, and worse...what’s not covered.


This is where you need a great insurance broker!


Start by thinking locally, using an insurance broker in the Sacramento area with knowledge of the local health insurance carriers and providers.

We start with in depth Knowledge of the California Health Insurance market


Industry expertise


You need some help, you don’t need to waste time talking to someone who can’t provide quick and useful info.  Our award winning agents pride themselves on quickly cutting through all the massive amounts of options and will find you the best solution for your needs.  We don’t waste time with pushing annoying upsells and useless add-ons.  Tell us what you are looking for and we will show you the best values available.   Plain and simple.


CA Health Insurance Carrier Comparisons


As you have likely noticed when writing the insurance carrier a check every month, those who don’t qualify for ACA subsidized plans have seen rates go through the roof for individuals and business employers: up at least 100% since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2013.  We’ve seen individual & family plans increase 2-3 times the cost when an applicant does not qualify for a subsidy tax credit. This means you need to shop the market quickly for the best possible deal.  The best values on the Sacramento market can change very quickly.  Our brokers have already done this homework for you.  Based on the doctors you need access to and the amount you use your health plan we will show you the best choices.  


The Sacramento & Tri County area (Sacramento, Placer, & El Dorado county) is really a HMO town.  This is counter to the national decades long trend of PPO plan growth.  Kaiser Permanente alone insures about 43% of the greater Sacramento area population, with Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross of CA following at about 17% ea.


The SutterHealthPlus HMO and Western Health Advantage health plans are also locally headquartered in Sacramento, and are tremendously popular.   


We are Resonsponsive!  


Can I get some help fast & from someone who knows what they are talking about?


Since you’re dealing with a confusing subject, you are going to need some answers quickly.  Our Sacramento area agents will respond the same day for phone calls and within 24 hours of email inquiries, often faster.


The good news is we will have some answers as well.   Give us a call at 1-866-486-6551 or email a question to and we will provide you with some great customer service!




Can health insurance be shopped quickly and easily online?


How can you take advantage of the best tools and technology to make the best possible decision? Our agency helps individuals and businesses in the Sacramento area utilize market leading tools to help your experience.  


Online Quoting


Our online quoting systems provide instant quotes or custom proposals

Where to find pricing?


Click here for an instant quote or custom built proposal:


Individual & Family

Small Business



Need help finding doctors or hospitals?


Sacramento area Doctor Directories


Our Sacramento area web based search tool allows you to quickly and easily find doctors, hospitals, medical groups, dentists & others specific to your insurance carrier & plan!  


Click here to locate a Sacramento area medical provider:


Provider Search


Or, do it the easy way and send us the names of your doctors & hospitals and we will take the guesswork out of it.  


Call at 1-866-486-6551 or email us here:


We will list the names of health insurance carrier plans the doctors accept and give you health plan options to get access to the medical providers you need.


The major Sacramento regional medical providers (companies who actually deliver medical care) are the following organizations:


  • Kaiser

  • Sutter

  • Dignity Health/Mercy

  • UC Davis

  • Hill Physicians


To find more information about the Sacramento medical providers and getting access to them read more here.


Creative Solutions


Now you’re thinking….there’s got to be alternatives!  What are the creative solutions?  


You may be in a position where you need something creative.  You might be looking for tax deductible solutions or custom benefit designs for your employees.  Take a look at a creative HSA Health Savings Account solution to make your medical expenses tax deductible, or possibly a HRA strategy where your company reimburses employees for health expenses within desired limits.



After just a few interactions our clients typically gain great confidence in dealing with our company.  It’s easy to tell when you are dealing with someone who knows what they are talking about.  Here’s a few great satisfied client quotes:


Rick C., Roseville:  “Can’t thank you guys enough for your over the top help.  We had a very complicated medical situation and were completely lost in the woods without you.”

Susan D,  Newport Beach. “I was so overwhelmed with the choices out there and the sheer massive amount of data.  Your help cutting through it all was greatly appreciated.  We are happily insured now in Sacramento and you saved us a ton of money.”

Chris S., Los Gatos. “I take 11 medications and had a heart attack a few years ago.  I simply cannot afford errors with my health insurance.  Thank you for finding me a plan which gives me access to the doctors I need and covers the prescriptions which keep me alive.”

Kelly M.  Woodland “After shopping around for days and sorting through web page after page I was feeling very lost and overwhelmed.  Thanks for quickly cutting to the chase and getting us the best possible option.”


Eileen W., Sacramento  “We love you guys!  I don’t know what we’d do without you.”


We have helped thousands of people in Sacramento and all over California get the answers to their questions, and into the right health insurance plan at the lowest possible price.  Our goal is to make the complicated simple for you.


What about the Affordable Care Act?  How will it help?


We have helped thousands of individuals and businesses with questions and enrollment into Covered California and guidance with ‘Obamacare.’  Our agents are CoveredCA exchange certified and are here to help with questions.  


Individuals and Families


If you do not receive health coverage through your employer, or are self employed, you have the option of purchasing an individual and family plan either on the CoveredCA exchange, or direct at a health insurance carrier.


Why purchase from CoveredCA?  Really, the only reason is if you qualify for a subsidy tax credit discount on your premiums.  Here’s how it works:


If your income is within certain guidelines (between about $17,820 and $47,520 for a single person)  & you don’t have access to group coverage you may qualify for a subsidy tax credit, which can result in a discount on your premiums.

How much tax credit subsidy is potentially available?


It depends on your age and income.  But, the older you get and lower the income, the higher the tax credit subsidy becomes.  Here’s an example actual case study:


Male, age 45


Resides in Sacramento, CA 95864


Income: $19,000


Insurance Carrier:  Western Health Advantage


Gross Premium Cost Monthly: 481.51

Tax Credit Subsidy Discount: $410

Net Premium Cost: $71.51  


We offer plans from major insurance carriers only offering coverage in the Sacramento area both on the CoveredCA exchange and directly such as:


  • Kaiser

  • Anthem Blue Cross

  • Blue Shield of CA

  • Health Net

  • Western Health Advantage

  • Sutterhealth Plus HMO


So, you still get  health coverage offered by the major insurance carriers but the application must run through the CoveredCA exchange to the the subsidy tax credit discount on your premiums.


Give us a call to determine if you may qualify for a CoveredCA subsidy tax credit at 1-866-486-6551 or locally direct is 916-899-5899.


“Keep your doctor?


Remember when Obama said, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”  Is this true?


The real answer is maybe, or maybe not.  The new Covered California ‘Obamacare’ exchange doctor networks are definitely much smaller than the pre-ACA plans (basically our old plans prior to 2013) and the Employer sponsored plan networks.  This is because the insurance carriers reduced the reimbursement rate to the doctors on the new ACA plans, in an effort to fight premium increases.  The end result is less doctors accepting the new ACA individual/family health plans.  This is where you see people losing doctors.


Can you buy a stronger individual plan with a better doctor network?    


No, the plans purchased directly at the insurance carriers use the exact same doctor networks.  So, whether you purchase ‘on’ or ‘off’ the Covered California exchange your doctor network is exactly the same.  If you are on an Employer sponsored plan at your job, you likely keep the strong doctor networks you had before.


To make it easy you can check your doctors on our website search directory here.  It shows all the major Sacramento area insurance carriers.  Or, contact us by phone 1-866-486-6551 or email is and we will look them up for you and let you know which plans your doctors take and don’t accept.




Is there anything in Obamacare to help our business?


The largest employer of sheer people in Sacramento is government.   State, city, county, local etc.. it’s a government town.  After that, Sacramento is built from thousands of small to medium size businesses of all kinds: construction, real estate, restaurants, finance etc.  We aren’t stuck with a single industry like some towns:  steel, fishing, agriculture, tourism.. We’ve got it all!


Employer’s size 1-25 employees may qualify for the small business tax credit.  This may allow you to get up to 50% of your Employer premium contributions back in a tax credit.


How do you qualify?


It’s pretty easy to tell if you’re excluded right away:  your salary employees must average between $25,000 and under $50,000 to qualify...taking out the owners, spouses, and children of the owners.


The closer your employee salary average is to $25,000, the closer to 50% tax credit you’ll get.


Can the Small Business Tax Credit be used on an existing company health plan?


The answer is yes and no.  To qualify for the tax credit the employer sponsored health plan must be purchased from Covered California Small Business, but many of the major carriers are offered in their package such as:


  • Kaiser  (owns about 50% of the Sacramento area market)

  • Health Net of California

  • Western Health Advantage

  • Blue Shield of California

So, if you’re currently enrolled with one of these major carriers, and want to keep them, we just need to run your enrollment through CoveredCA for Small Business so you can start saving.


Where can you get more detailed information?  Try Covered California for Small Business website:


Tax Credit Calculator: Plug in your employee wages and quickly determine how much tax credit you may qualify for.


Who May Qualify: Drill  down into specific details on qualifying for the ACA Small        

Business tax credit


Tax Credit FAQ Find answers to Small Business frequently asked questions


Let’s take a quick look at an an actual example of Small Business tax credit savings at work:


XYZ Construction Inc.  : Construction Company with 10 employees


Average Annual Salary Level per employee:  $25,000


Total Health Insurance Premium Cost (paid by Employer)  $50,000


Tax Credit for Year one equals:  50% or $25,000 in savings!!


Tax Credit for Year Two equals:  50% or $25,000 in savings!!


That’s $50,000 in health insurance premium savings, and you can often stay with the same health insurance carrier you have now.


What would disqualify me from receiving a Small Business Tax Credit?


To find out if you qualify you really need to reach out to your Certified Public Accountant or Tax Professional, but here is a few things which will disqualify your business from receiving the tax credit discount:


** owners, spouses, and children of owners are not to be included in the tax credit calculation**


Give us a call or schedule a Sacramento and surrounding area meeting at your convenience today! Toll Free 1-866-486-6551 or email

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