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Is a health sharing or med-share plan right for me and my family?

California Health Insurance marketplace today is seeing continuous premium rate hikes and the cost of healthcare is also rising.  With the rising cost of CA Health Insurance premiums, the coverage and benefits seem to be diminishing. 


This can be very frustrating and many have started looking for an alternative to traditional CA health insurance. 


Aliera Healthcare offers this alternative,  Aliera Healthcare offers affordable options to meet your healthcare needs.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Healthcare Sharing plan?

Healthcare sharing plans are an alternative to ACA/Obamacare health insurance plance.  These plans are offered by health care sharing ministries.  These plans are NOT health insurance, they are ministries that allow people to share their health expenses for the common good. They provide a health care cost sharing arrangement among persons of similar beliefs. Aliera Healthcare is a not for-profit religious organization which acts as a clearning house for those who have medical expenses and those who desire to share the burden of those medical expenses.  

Is Aliera Healthcare legal under the Affordable Care Act?

Aliera Healthcare Medical Cost Sharing plans are ACA Exempt.  Because Aliera Healthcare is a faith-based entity, those who are members can fill out an ACA exemption form to avoid the fine.  Most Aliera Heatlhcare plans meet the minimum requirements outlined under the ACA (Obamacare)

How Do Aliera Healthcare plans work?

With Aliera Healthcare’s  medical cost sharing, members send their monthly contributions (i.e., premiums)  Aliera. These contributions are deposited into the member’s “sharebox,” waiting to be matched to another member’s bills.


When a member visits the doctor or has a qualified medical bill, the bill is sent to be processed. All charges are reviewed to ensure that they are reasonable, and appropriate discounts are applied. Aliera then transfers money from other members’ shareboxes to pay the bill.


Although Aliera Healthcare’s a plans have various shared responsibility amounts (MSRA), the low monthly premiums allow members to set aside the savings to pay the MSRA.


In addition, members are able to speak to a doctor by phone or chat 24/7 (telemedicine) without paying a co-pay—meaning, members see additional savings.


Through Aliera Healthcare, members can have complete healthcare coverage at a reasonable cost thanks to health cost sharing.

How much does a Healthcare Sharing Plan Cost with Aliera Healthcare?

Your monthly cost will depend on the number of members enrolling and the type of membership plan you choose.  The monthly cost does not change month-to-month.  However, much like traditional CA health insurance premiums, contributions are subject to review on an annual basis based on the needs of the membership.  See Aliera Healthcare Rates here

Are there religious retrictions to membership with Aliera Healthcare?

Aliera Healthcare welcomes members of all faiths who can honor the statement of beliefts by which Unity Health Share program operates.

Does Aliera Healthcare cover pre-existing conditions?

Any illness or accident for which a person has been diagnosed, received medical treatment, been examined, taken medication, or had symptoms within 24 months prior to the application date is considered a pre-existing condition. Symptoms include but are not limited to the following: abnormal discharge or bleeding; abnormal growth; break; cut or tear; discoloration; deformity; full or partial loss of use; obvious damage, illness or abnormality; impaired breathing; impaired motion; inflammation or swelling; itching; numbness; pain that interferes with normal use; unexplained or unplanned weight gain or loss exceeding 25% of the total body weight occurring within a six-month period; fainting, loss of consciousness, or seizure; abnormal results from a test administered by a medical practitioner.
For more information, see Member Guidelines.

Do I have to sign a contract with Aliera Healthcare?

No, Aliera Healthcare does not have a contract.  You can cancel your membership with Aliera Aliera Healthcare anytime.  There is a $125 application fee and a non-refundable $25 fee for Unity Ministries if you choose to quit after being accepted to the membership.  Unity Health Share requests a proper notification from members you who choose to cancel for any reason.  For more information, see Member Guidelines.

How Do I know Aliera Healthcare will use my contributions correctly?

Aliera Healthcare is committed to financial integrity and accountability.  Aliera Healthcare adheres to the highest standards for operating and maintaining financial integrity through a stringent auditing process and review from the board of directors.  

How does Aliera Healthcare pay my doctor or hospital bill?

Aliera Healthcare works like many traditional health insurance carriers.  Once your medical provider processes your bill , the claim is sent to Aliera Healthcare and the medical need is adjudicated and payment is issued through the members account.


If you have a dispute regarding a medical bill with Aliera Healthcare, you will be able to dispute and seek reconsideratoin by the following the appeals procedure described in the Aliera Healthcare Member Guidelines.

Will my doctor accept my Aliera Healthcare plan?

Aliera Healthcare (Unity HealthShare) is a recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry and is part of First Health, a network the most medical providers participate in.  If a medical provider is not part of the First Health network, they should still accept Unity HealthShare as your medical sharing plan of choice.

Aliera Healthcare has one of the largest nationwide PPO Networks.  See the full list  of providers here.

When can enroll in Aliera Healthcare?

If you missed the ACA Open Enrollment Period, Dont' worry.  You can enroll any time with Aliera Healthcare.  They don't have a preset enrollment window.

Healthcare Sharing Plan vs. ACA Health Insurance Plans

While you consider your health insurance options, you must look at and weigh the pros and cons between all of your choice before making a decision.  There are some key differences between traditional ACA CA health insurance plans versus healthcare sharing ministries such as Aliera Healthcare.  For some the traditional CA health insurance plans may be a better fit and others the alternative, healthcare sharing plans will be a better option.  We have compiled a simple list highlighting some of the key differences, click here to see the comparison.


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