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Engineers can save up to 20% on health insurance premiums with this plan.



Looking for a lower cost but robust health plan solution for your engineering services firm? 


It's time to analyze ACEC Engineering Association plan from United Healthcare.  This plan can save your firm money on health insurance. 


We offer a plan just for engineers at a lower cost than a regular small group plan.  



What is the ACEC Association health insurance plan from United Healthcare?



The American Council of Engineering companies is America's oldest and largest Engineering Association with over 4500 firms and 300,000 employee members.  Businesses with common interests (Engineering in this case) may band together and form Associations health plans for better rates and benefit value. 


The ACEC Association and UnitedHealthcare have joined together to offer a single Association plan package to provide better product and price flexibility.




What are the options to save money?

After qualifying as a member, companies can choose to offer employees a package of 2 PPO health plans from over 100 available options, customized for the Engineering Association benefits package.  Employers can choose from options such as:



-traditional PPO health plans offering greatest amount of doctor choice
-creative options like HSA account plans for tax deductible medical expenses
-consumer driven plans utilizing HRA accounts
-flex 125 plans


This allows Professional Engineering firms to meet the needs of all employees and families, whether requiring the strongest coverage or preferring the lowest cost.

Specialty Plans

For added convenience dental, vision, life, and disability can be added. 

Discounts on speciality plans are availabe when bundled with the medical coverage.


Wide National PPO Network Access


UnitedHealthcare provides the largest national PPO provider network to 99% of the U.S. population.  Employees can choose from over 760,000 Physicans, 5,700 Hospitals, and 64,000 Pharmacies nationally.


Dedicated Account Services Team


The ACEC/Unitedhealthcare plans offer a dedicated Account Services team with direct contacts and online resources for a seamless customer services experience including options like:


-single point of contact


-experienced project management for open enrollment


-simple online administration tools for adding or removing employees


-24/7 dedicated nursing help line and access to over 2300 Physicians available on call via telephone


Using Leverage in Numbers


There are currently approximately 1500 employers and 80,000 members enrolled in the ACEC/Life & Health Trust leveraging  UnitedHealthcare PPO health benefit plans acting as a single large employer group.  This purchasing power is leveraged to provide a great price and flexible plan choices, not subject to the small employer pricing rating restrictions of the ACA bill. 


Simple Administration Tools


Employer Enrollments


ACEC/UHC employers have access to easy to use Administrative tools online which thousands of employers use to simplify enrollments and save time.


Employee Customer Service


Employees can view all sorts of useful information via online member accounts:


 -view claims, deductibles, and out of pocket costs


-find doctors, check reviews and ratings, and shop provider prices for best values (even 'in-network' provider prices can vary greatly!)


-receive health & wellness tips, preventative guidance, and advice on receiving care



Low Premiums


The best news of all are the lower insurance premiums.  The ACEC/UHC Association plans leverage 80,000 licensed professional engineering firm employee members to leverage the best possible premium pricing.  Overall engineers take good care of themselves, and it shows in the medical claims and therefore the rates! 



Wellness Program

A comprehensive wellness program is included offering personal health assessment, biometric screening, health tracking, & employee competitions at no additional charge.


Save more money with Compass price tool


UHC/ACEC plans for engineering firms offers free access to the Compass software tool which allows patients to view cost and quality data within an existing provider network.  In network pricing for medical services can greatly vary, in some case up to 300%.  This means the same MRI could cost between $600-$1800 depending on where you go, but it's your decision.


For more information give us a call at 1-866-486-6551 or Contact Us.  For quote request submit here.  Or, download the brochure for more details.



10% discount UHC dental rates​
          5% discount off UHC vision rates
        30% discount off UHC life rates
ACEC Life/Health Trust

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